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Battles for Empire: Napoleonic Wargame Scenarios
1807 & 1809

By James R. Arnold & Ralph R. Reinertsen

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80 pages. Thirteen scenarios provide historical contexts for challenging and fun games. Fourteen maps and thirty-one illustrations. Available as an electronic publication. PDF download for $9.95.

Battles for Empire: Why Napoleonics?

The Napoleonic era offers the wargamer a compelling challenge because the Napoleonic battlefield witnessed a balance among the three arms—infantry, cavalry, and artillery—never equaled during other military periods. The tabletop general who best handles the interplay between the three arms will duplicate the era’s successful generals. Keep in mind Napoleon’s observation: “Of the three arms—cavalry, infantry, and artillery—none must be despised. All three are equally important.” A historical officer or a tabletop general who fights his three arms in the coordinated manner of the ‘Iron’ Marshal Davout, the gallant Marshal Lannes, or the aggressive Russian General Bagration is an exceptional commander indeed. We hope that these scenarios offer the opportunity to showcase your skills while having fun and perhaps learning a thing or two about our favorite gaming era.

Choose Your Rules!

Your rules may not be ours: Different? Yes; Better? Whatever, no problem. This scenario booklet strives to appeal to the Napoleonic gamer regardless of his choice of rules. Toward that goal we offer explanations and examples to provide as seamless as possible a transition from the orders of battle in this booklet to your gaming table.

Each scenario has the following elements

  • Historical Narrative: the battle's historical context

  • Order of Battle: a list of the troops you need to fight the scenario

  • Skirmishers: identification of which troops, if any, may fight in skirmish order

  • Special Rules: rules unique to this scenario

  • Table Top Map: how to arrange your gaming table

  • Terrain Notes: the gaming implications of the terrain features

  • Setup: where the rival sides may deploy their troops

  • Time: the historical amount of time the battle lasted

  • Victory Conditions: how to assess who has won the fight

  • Gamer's Notes: our view of why this scenario is compelling

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