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Crisis In The Snows: Russia Confronts Napoleon
The Eylau Campaign 1806-1807

By James R. Arnold & Ralph R. Reinertsen

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Table of Contents

Chapter I. A Tale of Two Murders
      Part 1. To Kill a Tsar
      Part 2. Death of a Duke
      Part 3. Dateline to War
Chapter II. Napoleon Moves East
      Part 1. The Three Front War
      Part 2. Advance to the Oder
Chapter III. The Napoleonic War Machine
      Part 1. Tactical Combat in the Napoleonic Era
      Part 2. The Grande Armée
Chapter IV. The Russian War Machine
      Part 1. An Army of Serfs
      Part 2. The Organization of the Russian Army
Chapter V. High Strategy
      Part 1. Russia Moves West
      Part 2. Decision at Osterode
      Part 3. The "Slope to Ruin": The Berlin Decrees
Chapter VI. A Matter of Command
      Part 1. Delay on the Vistula
      Part 2. The Tsar Chooses a General
      Part 3. A New French Offensive
Chapter VII. The French Offensive Begins
      Part 1. Night Crossing
      Part 2. The Narew River Outposts
Chapter VIII. The Fog of War
      Part 1. The Pursuit Continues
      Part 2. The Battle of Golymin
Chapter IX. The Battle of Pultusk
      Part 1. Bennigsen Stands His Ground
      Part 2. The Mud of Pultusk
      Part 3. The Tenth Legion Arrives
Chapter X. Affairs of State
      Part 1. Warsaw Interlude
Chapter XI. The Russian Winter Offensive
      Part 1. The Wanderings of Marshal Ney
      Part 2. Bennigsen's Missed Opportunities
Chapter XII. Bennigsen's Fighting Retreat
      Part 1. A Purloined Letter
      Part 2. Night and Day
      Part 3. The Combat of Hoff
Chapter XIII. The Penultimate Day
      Part 1. Bagration's Rearguard
      Part 2. The Fight for Eylau
Chapter XIV. Crisis in the Snows
      Part 1. "Hurricane of Death"
      Part 2. Pinning Attack
      Part 3. Murat's Epic Charge
      Part 4. Riders of the Imperial Guard
Chapter XV. Eylau Afternoon
      Part 1. Flank Attack
      Part 2. On the Brink of Victory
      Part 3. The Prussians Save the Day
Chapter XVI. "A Massacre Without Results"
      Part 1. Retreat
      Part 2. "Like a Black Hell"
Chapter XVII. Blame and Circumstance
      Part 1. The Cost of Battle
      Part 2. Assessment
Appendix I. The Calculation of Strengths
Appendix II. Russian Army Composition and Organization
Appendix III. French Army Composition and Organization
Appendix IV. Battle of Golymin Orders of Battle
Appendix V. Battle of Pultusk Orders of Battle
Appendix VI. Battle of Eylau Orders of Battle
Appendix VII. The Battle of the Maps
Appendix VIII. Logistics in Poland
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470 pages including 37 maps, 53 illustrations and 8 appendices

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© Copyright, James R. Arnold. All Rights Reserved