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Crisis In The Snows: Russia Confronts Napoleon
The Eylau Campaign 1806-1807

By James R. Arnold & Ralph R. Reinertsen

Detailed Orders of Battle

For the true buffs, we provide forty-six pages of appendices complete with army composition and organization and orders of battle. From Appendix II, Russian and Prussian Army Composition and Organization, pages 406-407:

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Third Division - Lt-General Fabian Vilgelmovich, Baron Osten-Sacken I

      Brigade of Major-General, Count von der Pahlen III
            Little Russia Cuirassier Regiment - 5 squadrons (Chef - Colonel Duka)
            Courland Dragoon Regiment - 5 squadrons (Chef - Major-General Leshern)
            Sumsk Hussar Regiment - 10 squadrons (Chef - General, Count von der Pahlen III)
            Cossack Regiment - 5 sotnias - Colonel Papusin
            Cossack Regiment - 5 sotnias - Colonel Ilovaysky X
      Brigade of General Titov IInd
            Tavrida (Tavrich) Grenadier Regiment - 3 battalions (Chef - Prince Eugen von             Württemberg)
            Mourom Musketeer Regiment - 3 battalions (Chef - General Titov II)
      Brigade of General, Prince Dolgorukov V
            Chernigov Musketeer Regiment - 3 battalions (Chef - General, Prince Dolgoruski V)
            Lithuania Musketeer Regiment - 3 battalions (Chef - General, Prince Ushakov I)
      Brigade of Lieutenant General Brizeman von Netting
            Dnepr Musketeer Regiment - 3 battalions (Chef - Lt-General Brizeman von Netting)
            Kopor Musketeer Regiment - 3 battalions (Chef - General Warnek)
            21st Jager Regiment - 3 battalions (Chef - General Loptev)
      Brigade of artillery - 76 pieces - Colonel Beil
            Two heavy, position batteries, companies of 12-pdrs
            Horse battery - Colonel Pirogov
            Three light batteries, companies of 6-pdrs - cannon distributed to the regiments
            Pioneer company
            Pontoon company
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470 pages including 37 maps, 53 illustrations and 8 appendices

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