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Marengo & Hohenlinden: Napoleon’s Rise to Power

By James R. Arnold

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Table of Contents

Prologue: Afternoon on the Field of Marengo
Chapter I. Coup d’etat
      Part 1. France in Peril
      Part 2. Dateline to a Coup
      Part 3. To Dare All
Chapter II. The Power of the First Consul
      Part 1. “The Revolution is Over”
      Part 2. The Strategic Chessboard
      Part 3. The French War Machine
Chapter III. The Austrian Offensive in Italy
      Part 1. The Army of Italy
      Part 2. The Austrian War Machine
      Part 3. The Siege of Genoa
Chapter IV. Over the Alps
      Part 1. The Saint Bernard Pass
      Part 2. Bottleneck at Fort Bard
Chapter V. Blitzkrieg Through Italy
      Part 1. The Trials of General Melas
      Part 2. Milan Interlude
Chapter VI. To the Plain of the Scrivia
      Part 1. The Vise Tightens
      Part 2. The Battle of Montebello
Chapter VII. The Battle of Marengo
      Part 1. The Austrian Breakout
      Part 2. Battle of Attrition
      Part 3. Retreat
      Part 4. Death of a Hero
Chapter VIII. Resetting the Pieces
      Part 1. The Convention of Alessandria
      Part 2. Honor and Glory
Chapter IX. Moreau in Germany
      Part 1. The Rhine Frontier
      Part 2. The Austrian Command Dilemma
Chapter X. The Battle of Hohenlinden
      Part 1. The Combat at Ampfing
      Part 2. Plans and Terrain
      Part 3. Battle in the Forest
Chapter XI. The Security of Europe
      Part 1. The Last Republican Victory
      Part 2. The Peace of Amiens
Appendix I. Orders of Battle
      French Order of Battle at Marengo
      Austrian Order of Battle at Marengo
      French Order of Battle at Hohenlinden
      Austrian Order of Battle at Hohenlinden
Appendix II. Numbers and Losses
Appendix III. Fates Intermingled: Prominent Officers and What Became of Them
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301 pages including 21 maps, 39 illustrations, 3 appendices

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