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Napoleon’s Triumph: La Grande Armée versus the Tsar’s Army
The Friedland Campaign 1807

By James R. Arnold & Ralph R. Reinertsen

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Eylau, February 13, 1807
Chapter I. The Battle of Ostrolenka
Chapter II. Polish Winter
      Part 1. From Eylau to Braunsberg
      Part 2. Mission to London
Chapter III. The Strategic Landscape
      Part 1. Allied Winter Quarters
      Part 2. French Winter Quarters
Chapter IV. Battle for a Fortress
      Part 1. The Isolation of Danzig
      Part 2. Battle for the Nehrung
Chapter V. The Siege of Danzig
      Part 1. Sorties and Sapheads
      Part 2. The Vise Tightens
Chapter VI. The Relief of Danzig
      Part 1. The Matter of Gunpowder
      Part 2. Relief Force
Chapter VII. Spring Recovery
Chapter VIII. Bennigsen's Trap
      Part 1. Diversionary Attacks
      Part 2. Ney's Fighting Withdrawal
Chapter IX. Napoleon's Counteroffensive
      Part 1. Pursuit to Guttstadt
      Part 2. The Road to Heilsberg
Chapter X. The Battle of Heilsberg
      Part 1. Bagration's Rear Guard
      Part 2. Bloodbath
Chapter XI. Three Days in June
Chapter XII. Morning at Friedland
      Part 1. Dawn Fire
      Part 2. Grouchy Secures the French Left
Chapter XIII. Napoleon's Triumph
      Part 1. Ride to Glory
      Part 2. "As if hell had opened its jaws"
Chapter XIV. The Road to Tilsit
      Part 1. Aftermath of Battle
      Part 2. The Emperors Convene
Chapter XV. Nations and Men: Summer Assessment 1807
Appendix I. French Order of Battle
Appendix II. Russian Order of Battle
Appendix III. Prussian Order of Battle
Appendix IV. Battle of Ostrolenka, February 16, 1807
Appendix V. Battle of Heilsberg, June 10, 1807
Appendix VI. Battle of Friedland, June 14, 1807
Full Battlefield Maps
      Plan du Champ de Bataille d'Ostrolenka
      Plan du Siège de Dantzick en 1807
      Plan du Champ de Bataille d'Heilsberg
      Plan du Champ de Bataille de Friedland
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$52 plus postage

440 pages with detailed orders of battle, images, and 39 maps

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© Copyright, James R. Arnold. All Rights Reserved