Napoleon Books is a small, specialist publishing house whose mission is to inform and entertain. To reach these goals we begin by researching primary sources, whether in libraries, archives, or on the internet. Our intent is to give voice to the people who lived during turbulent historical times. We compare competing period accounts and read relevant secondary sources. Thorough research provides a solid foundation. Next, we craft a narrative flow. We want to make our research accessible. We hope that we connect with our readers and inspire them to turn the page to find out what happened next! For our non-fiction, maps are a crucial ingredient. October Triumph has thirty-five of them. We work hard to create maps that link the text with a physical depiction so readers can appreciate the influence of geography and terrain. We supplement our maps with battlefield photographs, period images, modern drawings and paintings. If our readers finish our books having enjoyed a thoughtful, pleasing experience, then we have done our job.